Pastors Jared & Valerie Owens

Jared and Valerie had a call to ministry very early in their relationship.  They have served in different forms of ministry over the past 20 years.  Starting in Kid's & Youth Ministries, they have now served as senior pastors of our church for the past 13 years. They have four children, a daughter in law, and a granddaughter.  They enjoy sports and traveling


Associate Pastors: Jim & Cindi Harcourt

Altar Ministry: Mike & Debora Ashley, John & Sandy Reid, Leo & Charlene Soto

Bus Ministry:  John Reid, Ben Owens, Colton Savage, Tim Savage, Mark Waters

Church Cleaning: Ricardo & Michelle Gutierrez

Greeters & Ushers: Curtis Owens, John Reid, Leo Soto, Mark Waters

Helping Hands Ministry: Colton Savage, Houston Morgan, John Reid, Michael Burton, Pam Wilde, Patrick Hall, Tim Savage

Kids Ministries: Valerie Owens, Kimberly Burton, Michelle Gutierrez, Leslie Morgan, Pam Verbeck, 

Colton & Kaitlyn Savage, Pam Wilde

Missions: Charlene Soto

Nursery Ministry:  Amilea Contreras, Dacy Schulz, Karen Savage, Kaitlyn Savage, Makayla Owens, 

Christal Johnson, Michelle Gutierrez (Wed. Little Kidz Class), Pam Verbeck

School @ the Cross: Margie Sanchez

Student Ministries: Colton & Kaitlyn Savage

Sunday School: Pastor Jim, Pastor Jared,  Ben Owens, Valerie Owens, Sandy Reid, Pam Verbeck

Wednesday Night Adult Class: Pastor Jim, Margie Sanchez

Wednesday Night Meals: Pastor Jim & Cindi, Debora Ashley, Sandy Reid

Welcome Ministry: Mike & Deborah Ashley, Tim & Karen Savage, Jodi Hall

Worship:  Ben Owens, Curtis Owens, Ken Johnson, 

Robert Sanchez,  Malachi Gutierrez

Media & Sound: Tim Savage, Colton Savage

Yard Work and Landscaping:  Leo & Charlene Soto, Curtis & Sherri Owens